Remodelers Showcase

Remodelers Showcase®

Fall: October 2-4, 2020

Open Friday-Sunday, Noon-6pm

Housing First Minnesota has presented the Parade of Homes℠ to the region since 1949 and the Remodelers Showcase® since 1984. These popular and free home tour events showcase the variety and opportunities available in new homes and remodeling for families across the extended metro region. Visit for more information.

In fall 2019, we introduced updates to your entries that provide you with more entry options and enhance your listings in the guidebooks. See all changes here →

Questions? Contact Casey Scozzari at 651-697-1954 or



Interested in Advertising in our Remodelers Showcase Guidebooks? See details here.

Logos and Graphics:Augment your entry with your own public relations or advertising. We have logos and graphics for to enhance your efforts. Please email for more information. Remember to adhere to our service mark agreement .


Fall 2020 Timeline

*Timeline subject to change. For more information, contact Casey Scozzari at or 651-697-1954. 

Entry Registration Opens

Dream Remodeled Home Entry Deadline

Final Day to Add an Entry!

Final Day to Cancel Entry ($200 administration fee will be retained)
Final Day to Move an Entry
Final Day to Banner a Home as "Not Available for Showing"
Final Proofs Due
Entry Payment Balance Due
Final Day to Provide Calendar Event Information

No new entries - ENTRIES CLOSED!
Late fees will be enforced for any missing entry information!

Ad Reservation Deadline

Final Home Numbers Assigned

Display Ad Materials Due

Fall Tour Goes Live on

Guidebooks are delivered to Holiday Station Stores


See Remodelers Showcase Additional Forms 

Fall Entry Deadline: July 8th, 2020

Fall Entry Cost: $3,054 per remodeled entry; First half is due up front with your entry, final half payment will be due along with your online proof approval.

How to Enter: To enter a home, login to your account at (new website name, but it is the same login as Contact 651-697-1954 if you need a login and password. From your 'Manage Profile' page, click the button to 'Enter a New or Remodeled Home'. For step-by-step instructions on how to enter the Parade of Homes, take a look at our video tutorials or contact or 651-697-1954.

Every participant in the Remodelers Showcase receives a 1/2 page remodeler strip in the published magazine and a full page online at with information you provide — including the remodelers name (as it appears on your MN Contractors license), a written description, 2 photos or illustrations (before and after), written directions, city, project type, your website address, and your company logo. Online search criteria include project type and company name.

Description: Your home's description can be up to approximately 650 total characters in length. You can describe the features of your home and neighborhood. Include information about your company, lifestyle benefits, etc. Please do not include names of any other firms (architects, interior designers, etc.) unless they are members of Housing First Minnesota. Your copy may be edited as per Housing First Minnesota editorial style and character limit.

Illustration/Photo: You can supply your own camera-ready illustration or photo. When submitting digital graphics, please provide minimum resolution of 300 dpi for halftones/CAD, and 1200 dpi for lineart. Please submit in TIF, JPG or EPS formats. You can upload photos directly to your entry online or email to Housing First Minnesota retains the right to refuse any illustrations/photos it deems inappropriate.

Guidebook Directions: Directions should be clear and can have up to approximately 140 total characters.

Interactive Google Map: When you enter online you must place your “pin” directly on the map provided, otherwise you must email a map page (Hudson/Kings/MapQuest) to clearly marked with an "X" where the home is located. Please proof the pinned location carefully!  The interactive Google Map may not guess the entry location correctly. Be sure to move the pin to the correct location by the entry proof deadline. Homes will be numbered and the overall map will be designed based on your interactive Google Map pinned location.

Free Opportunities: Participating remodelers have several free options that can enhance the value of participation in the Remodelers Showcase.

Virtual Tour or Video Link:  All home entries are able to i nclude a link to a virtual tour or a video for free. Virtual tour links can include 3D virtual tours, videos, or photo slideshows. The virtual tour or video will be embedded on your entry on the website.

Editorial Feature:  Builders, Remodelers, Designers: Get a home published in the Parade of Homes or Remodelers Showcase magazine! We are looking for beautiful, inspirational homes built and remodeled by Housing First Minnesota members.

We will be selecting one or more homes to feature in each issue. You may enter as many submissions as you like. Find the Editorial Submission form here >>

Editorial Feature Requirements:

  • Builder/Remodeler must be a Housing First Minnesota member and have had a home within the Parade of Homes or Remodelers Showcase within the past two years.
  • The home must have been built/remodeled within the past two years.
  • Homes must be available to be photographed or have professional photography available for publication.
  • If selected, homes may not be published by or submitted to another magazine for one year before and after publication.

Dream Remodeled Homes: The Housing First Minnesota Foundation, our charitable arm, selects one to three homes during each event as their fundraising Dream Remodeled Homes. These whole-house remodels receive increased publicity, a full-page description in the Guidebook and are included in special searches online. Selected homes must have a trained host present throughout the tour for collection of the $5 entry fee which is used by the Housing First Minnesota Foundation to continue their charitable work. We ask that the remodeler provide the host and the Housing First Minnesota Foundation will provide them with the training they need. The remodeler must also provide a location for fee collection. Selection is made entirely at the discretion of the Housing First Minnesota Foundation committee, chosen to maximize fund-raising prospects. Please complete the Dream Remodeled Home form to be considered. Submit entry form by  June 9, 2020  (you do not have to enter the Remodelers Showcase event unless selected). Find the Dream Remodeled Home submission form here >>

Dream Remodeled Home Requirements:

  • Home has never been in any Parade of Homes/Remodelers Showcase or other tour event.
  • Selected Dream Remodeled Home entry will pay the regular Remodelers Showcase entry fee.
  • Home must be complete and ready to open the first day of the Remodelers Showcase and remain open during the entire event.
  • Home must be fully furnished.
  • The Dream Remodeled Home will receive additional public relations and editorial support.
  • Selection of Dream Remodeled Homes will be at the sole discretion of the Housing First Minnesota Foundation committee (location/size/style/parking opportunities, etc., will be considered).
  • Potential for significant traffic and revenue is important and will be factored in. The Dream Homes are one of the Housing First Minnesota Foundation’s biggest fundraisers.
  • Dream Remodeled Home will be numbered, and the entry will appear in the correct geographic location within the magazine.
  • Dream Remodeled Home will receive a one-page editorial description with photo or illustration in the magazine.
  • Price of admission will be $5. The Housing First Minnesota Foundation will provide training to remodeler's preferred host for collection of entry fees and all material and signage.
  • Remodeler must also provide a table and chair near front entry for host, and provide space near front entry for collection.
  • A whole house tear down and rebuild does not qualify for Remodelers Showcase Dream Home.
  • Participating Remodelers will be required to sign an additional participation agreement and may face penalties for violations of the agreement.

Events Calendar: Holding a special event at your remodeled home during the tour is a great way to keep prospects interested and in your model. Housing First Minnesota will promote all events in the magazine and online. Events can include educational seminars, product demonstrations, charitable events, grand opening parties, wine and cheese events, and the like. Please complete the online Events Calendar form with your intent. Find the Events Calendar form here >>

Social Media: 
Housing First Minnesota posts to the Parade of Homes social media regularly before, during and after the tour. You can submit photos at anytime. Any questions, please contact . Find the Photos for Social Media submission form here >>

Remodeler Page at
As a participant in the Remodelers Showcase event, you receive a searchable remodeler page that allows visitors to find details about your company and the work that you do. Your remodeler page is cross-referenced with your current Remodelers Showcase homes and will remain accessible online for the current tour event. Please take a moment to check that your remodeler page online at is accurate before each Remodeler event. If you require changes, you can login and make the changes online at any time, or email changes to

Your Remodelers Showcase entry starts you off with a "Basic Plus" company listing for FREE which allows you to add a primary photo, a company logo, a company description of 200 words, a gallery of up to 5 images of your favorite projects and you can list project types and regions that you remodel in. Please remember to edit your remodeler page after you enter the Remodelers Showcase! There are additional opportunities to pay for a further upgrade and add even more company details like customer testimonials, social media links and a video!

Mobile Website: All Remodelers Showcase models are included on our mobile website free of charge. These allow for basic searches via smart phone, and include any additional photos uploaded with enhanced company profile listings.

Paid Upgrade: With this low-priced option, you can make sure your entry stands out from the crowd.

Premium Online Entry: $200 per entry. Add any or all of the following to enhance your online entry: Photo Gallery (you can include a variety of photos and tag them for the corresponding photo gallery -  ie: kitchen; interior; bedroom; etc.) up to 15 photos per entry upgrade; an extended entry description that will show as a second paragraph on your entry; and additional website links, (e.g. a link to a neighborhood website or social media links).

One 24"x30" metal yard sign per entry
Eight 22"x14" directional arrows per entry

Remodelers are responsible for installation of all signs, and may purchase additional directionals. Remember, you are also responsible for stakes and posts for all signage. You must follow MNDOT requirements as well as any county and city sign placement guidelines, and remove all directional signs by deadline. Illegally placed signs, and signs left up after the event hurt all of us as these agencies have threatened to disallow any signs if violations continue. Your $45 sign escrow will be returned only after signs are delivered to Housing First Minnesota. Call the city for rules and regulations.

Signs may be put up the day before the tour starts (October 1, 2020) and must be removed by 5pm the following day after the tour ends (October 5, 2020).

Parking Guidelines: Pay attention to parking! If your entry is in an established neighborhood, please plan for parking needs. If streets are narrow, you should consider a shuttle from a nearby parking lot (get permission from the lot owner), or no parking signs along one side of the street. In any case, if parking could conceivably be an issue, please contact your city’s police, public safety or other representative to develop a plan.

Please note, with rare exceptions, some cities do not allow Parade Homes or have specific requirements or permits. Please check with your city.

Penalties: As a participant in the Remodelers Showcase, you sign a participation agreement intended to ensure a consistent and positive experience for our visitors. Primarily, that means every home on the tour is open, staffed, and represented accurately throughout the entire Remodeler event. To avoid receiving penalties, please read the participation agreement carefully, abide by the rules, and if something unexpected occurs, contact as soon as the problem arises. The Parade of Homes brand is highly respected and trusted, please help us ensure that it remains a valuable asset to future members of Housing First Minnesota by maintaining the integrity of our events.

Promotion: The Remodelers Showcase is promoted each event with about half-million-dollars in mass media promotion. We reach a huge percentage of Twin Cities residents through a wide variety of media. As the viewing/listening habits of consumers are changing, so are we. We continue to ensure a real presence on traditional media (newspaper, billboards and radio), yet are devoting more resources to online and social media. 

Questions? Contact Casey at 651-697-1954 or


Can I have my entry listed under a different name than the company name on my Contractor License?

All participating remodelers will be listed exactly as their company is shown on their Contractor License. If you remodel under a different name, you must add that name to your Contractor License as a DBA. Please contact Charlie Durenburger at the MN Department of Labor and Industry. Any new DBAs must be approved by DoLI by the entry proof deadline to be included in the Guidebook. 


Can I name my architect, realtor or other trade partner in my entry?

Because the Remodelers Showcase is a Housing First Minnesota member benefit, all company names listed within any home entry in the Guidebook or online MUST be members of Housing First Minnesota. Please ask your trade partners to contact Heather Griffis, Housing First Minnesota Membership Engagement Manager, (651-697-7573) for membership information.


Can I enter a tear down with a pre-existing foundation?

Tear downs are allowed only when the home is completed for a homeowner on their existing lot (they have lived on a previous home on the site), and must be listed as a Tear Down only in the project type section.


Do I have to provide parking for visitors? 

Most neighborhood parking is sufficient for Remodelers Showcase visitors. However if your location has narrow streets or very little nearby street parking, you should consider having a parking plan. Start by contacting the city’s public safety officer to discuss options. You may want to post no parking signs on one side of the street if you have narrow roadways. In some cases, you may need to provide shuttle service from a nearby parking lot. If you have questions please contact Housing First Minnesota to discuss.


My project won’t be done in time to photograph it, what are my options?

You can provide illustration of the project, a before photo (we suggest you include an overprint “before” on those), a key feature photo, etc.  We also recommend that you use your writeup to explain the photo subject if it is not the project itself. All supplied graphics must be provided digitally at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for halftones and 1200 dpi for line art. We accept TIF, JPG or EPS formats. Printed size is approximately 3.47 inches wide by 1.93 inches high or 1.93 inches wide by 3.47 inches high, please provide art proportional to those dimensions or Housing First Minnesota will crop as needed.


How do I get my $45 sign escrow back?

Pick up all your directional signs by 5pm the Monday after the tour is over. You can bring them to Housing First Minnesota or cut out the numbers and mail them in to Housing First Minnesota by October 21, 2020. Housing First Minnesota will send you a check at the end of the month. If you had any signs stolen, please include a note to that effect. Signage is an important part of helping visitors find your home, so illegally placed signs or signs left up after the tour is over hurt all of us. These agencies have threatened to disallow any signs if violations occur.


What should I include in my text writeup? 
You have a total of 650 characters to describe your project. Use descriptive language to point out the key features, challenges you overcame for your homeowners, goals you achieved, etc. As a member event, please do not include company names of non-Housing First Minnesota members (architects, designers).


What do I do if our client hasn’t made all the decisions about our entry by deadline? 
We only require some of the entry form fields be completed at deadline (your company and contact information and the city in which your model resides) plus a half-down payment. This holds your place in our system. We will remind you of missing information on your status/reminder emails and on your online proof. Please have all information completed and submitted to Housing First Minnesota before online proofs are due to ensure you are able to check that your entry information is correct on your final proof.


Safety Recommendations

Our foremost priority is the health and well-being of all industry members, their customers, and employees. We encourage all of our builders to take safety precautions in all showing appointments. Refer to the CDC for safety and cleaning recommendations. Our safety guidance for sales centers and work sites can be found here.

Safety Plans for Model Homes
As a consumer-facing business, you must follow the guidelines set out in Gov. Walz’s Executive Order 20-56, which require that you have a safety plan in place to ensure the safety of your team and guests. All consumer-facing businesses of all sizes throughout Minnesota will be doing the same. You may create your own, or you may modify this template provided by the state here.

All participating builders with models open will be required to sign off that they have completed a safety plan as mandated in the governor’s order. 

We offer the following practical tips that you may wish to include in your safety plan:

  • We require that all hosts and consumers wear masks.
  • Recommend a traffic flow through the home for guests (ie: enter through the front door and exit through the garage).
  • To reduce the surface contact, leave cabinet doors open, lights on, and rope off small rooms, if possible
  • Have disposable one-time use gloves available should a guest request them.
  • Post your safety cleaning process inside the home for guests to view (ex. Surfaces, door handles, etc. wiped down every hour).
  • Provide taped markers every 6 feet on the walkway leading to the home so that if guests need to queue outside, they are aware of the distance.
  • Limit the number of patrons allowed inside to no more than 10.

Safety Signage
All builders will be provided with a front-lawn sign with safety recommendations for our homebuyers, such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and not touching surfaces.



Eligible Remodelers: Housing First Minnesota Remodeler members in good standing. Remodeler members must submit proof of three completed homes sold under their current Contractor License and non-members must submit Housing First Minnesota membership application by July 8, 2020, including proof of three homes.

Eligible Homes: Any remodeling project completed by remodeler member during the past three years may be entered. See note in FAQs regarding tear downs.

Open Hours: All homes must be open and staffed all days and hours of the tour (Friday-Sunday, noon to 6pm).

Insurance & Builder License: You must carry and provide proof of liability insurance on the entry ($1,000,000), with Housing First Minnesota listed as an additional insured, and include a copy of your current MN Contractor License.

Participation Agreement: All participating remodelers must read and sign the participation agreement. The rules have been established to ensure a positive home buyer experience. Penalties will be imposed for violations.

Completion: All remodeling entries must be completed by 12:00 noon on opening day of the tour. If you are uncertain that you can complete the project by the tour start date, you should banner “not available for showing” by banner deadline. Incomplete homes that are not bannered will be in violation. If you have unforeseen construction delays after banner deadline, contact Housing First Minnesota IMMEDIATELY for further instructions to avoid a more severe penalty.

Signage: Remember, you are responsible for stakes and posts for all signage. You may order additional directional signs to be delivered with your sign package by notifying our sign partner, Turn-Key Signs, at least three weeks prior to the tour start date. Additional and replacement signs may also be purchased from our sign partner during the tour. Turn-Key Signs: 651-276-0356. 


In response to COVID-19, Housing First Minnesota has taken necessary steps to prioritize safety for Remodelers Showcase attendees, participating remodelers, and their employees. While we believe our tours can be conducted with these safety precautions in place, COVID-19 may result in challenges and outcomes that are beyond our control, such as government action that prevents touring. In the event that any portion of the Remodelers Showcase is canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, participating builders and advertisers will be provided with these financial options in response to these changes:

  • Use any provided refund (see below) as a credit for a future event in 2021
  • Convert your refund to a charitable donation to the Housing First Minnesota Foundation. By making a gift, your continued support will make a lasting impact on homeless Veterans and families struggling with addiction.
  •  Request a return of funds based on the refund schedule 

Remodelers Showcase refund schedule based on date of cancellation:

  •  If the event is cancelled prior to October 1, 2020 - 100% refund will be given

How will the Remodelers Showcase event operation decisions be made?
The Housing First Minnesota Executive Board of Directors will take the lead on Remodelers Showcase operational decisions, using advice and counsel from committees and staff. In the event of a COVID-19 disruption, the Executive Board of Directors will consider the following factors:

  • Executive Orders from Governor Tim Walz regarding operations and procedures of customer-facing businesses and other guidance from local, state and federal governments.
  •  Peer review with related industry groups in Minnesota, such as the Minnesota REALTORS, the NorthstarMLS, and Minnesota Retailers Association.
  • Review with other peer builders associations such as Dallas, Portland, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Seattle.
  • Health and safety data provided by the CDC, MDH, and OSHA.

How will Remodelers Showcase event decisions be communicated?

  • Participating members, advertisers and sponsors: email from Housing First Minnesota with financial options form.
  • General public: Holiday Stationstore signage, website, and social media platforms.

Advertising and sponsorship refund schedule based on date of cancellation:
Guidebooks will be distributed after August 28th and will remain on the “news stand” in Holiday through October 4th, but with signage added that the tour has been cancelled.

  • If the event is cancelled prior to September 12, 2020 - 50% refund will be given
  • If the event is cancelled prior to September 17, 2020 - 40% refund will be given
  • If the event is cancelled prior to September 24, 2020 - 30% refund will be given
  • If the event is cancelled prior to October 1, 2020 - 20% refund will be given

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