Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award

This award honors emerging leaders. Rising Stars exemplify leadership qualities, represent excellence and show a dedication to activities which build industry relationships and promote professional development. The Rising Star will be awarded to one or more individual(s).

All who enter are encouraged to attend the Building Industry Gala (BIG) Night in October at Mystic Lake Center. You'll be able to accept your award alongside all of our other big winners, in front of the entire Housing First Minnesota membership.

Questions? Contact Nicole Coon at 651-697-7571 or Nicole@HousingFirstMN.org.



The candidate must:

  • Be an employee of a Housing First Minnesota member company
  • Be nominated by a Housing First Minnesota member other than himself or herself (Please feel free to ask your supervisor or mentor to nominate you!)
  • Have less than 5 years of experience in the residential home building industry and/or be 35 years or younger



There is one category for Bennie Entries.

Developments for these categories may be a single type of home construction or mixed use, including single-family detached, attached, townhome, twin home and condo.


Judges will rate the entry on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest in the areas below.

Participation points earned from

  • Participation at Housing First Minnesota events in past 12 months including Leadership Institute (1 point per)
  • As a committee member, including Housing First Minnesota Committees and Housing First Minnesota Foundation Committees (2 points per)
  • As chair or vice chair of committee (3 points per)
  • The top 3-5 will be finalists selected based upon points

Recipient Selection
Judges will review involvement in the industry with a particular focus on participation and impact within Housing First Minnesota. The judging panel will look at the nominees’ involvement and leadership roles within and the industry. The finalists will be reviewed by a panel and the recipient selected.


The award recipients will be determined by a panel of Housing First Minnesota member judges, which will include Housing First Minnesota’s past ‘of the year’ recipients, the previous Rising Star winners and the previous year’s chair of the Young Professionals Committee. (May be subject to change)


There is no entry fee to nominate an individual for the Rising Star Award.

Late materials will disqualify the nominee from the competition. 

entry details

1. Nominate an individual on or before July 10, 2020

2. Nominees will be emailed on or before July 17, 2020 with additional instructions.

3.  Nominee submission materials are due August 7, 2020.

Supporting Materials Submitted by Nominee

  • Your information:
    • First*
    • Last *
    • Company Name*
    • Address*
    • City/State/Zip Code*
    • Email*
    • Phone*
    • Website
    • Birth date*
    • Age
  • Biography
    • Years in the industry*
    • Years with current company*
    • Please provide a bio describing your service to the residential home building industry*
    • Please describe what you are doing to contribute to advance the residential home building industry*
    • Please indicate any additional awards or honors you have received*
    • Please describe why you think you deserve to be honored as the Rising Star Award recipient?
  • Member involvements
    • Committees/special interest group/board involvement (within the last year)
    • Events attended (since 7/31/19)
    • Other Participation(since 7/31/19)
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • Letter of recommendation by supervisor or mentor
    • Housing First Minnesota member letter of recommendation (up to 3 member letters allowed) 
    • Letter of recommendation may not be by Housing First Minnesota staff


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