Our Advocacy Efforts

Housing First Minnesota’s mission is to help our member businesses grow through marketing, advocacy and industry connections. Advocacy, then, is a pillar of Housing First Minnesota’s activities as it is through this effort that we keep a healthy check on the regulatory and legislative burden on our members.

Our goal is to keep the ability to construct new homes and remodel existing homes as unencumbered as possible. We certainly support reasonable and sensible regulation, but all too often we see government in all of its forms overreaching what Minnesotans would consider common sense.

It is Housing First Minnesota that steps in to tell council members, mayors, legislators, regulators and policy makers what the true impact of their best intentions will be. We strive to keep market-based home building and remodeling affordable so Minnesotans can continue to achieve the American Dream of home ownership.



Housing First Minnesota

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Our Mission

As the leading voice for builders and remodelers, we help our members build their businesses through marketing, advocacy and industry connections.

Our Vision

To be as vital in government and politics as we are to Minnesota’s economy.