Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award 

The Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award is an individual award in recognition of a person’s outstanding contributions to the residential housing industry. These contributions may include: past or present innovation, knowledge, service, leadership, or ways to improve professional practices.   

All who enter are encouraged to attend the Building Industry Gala (BIG) Night in October at Mystic Lake Center. You'll be able to accept your award alongside all of our other big winners, in front of the entire Housing First Minnesota membership.

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The Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious Housing First Minnesota award given to an individual who has:

  • Made a lasting contribution to the industry
  • Exhibited leadership and provided inspiration to others in the industry
  • Positively influenced the industry on a local, regional, or national level
  • Previous Robert L. Hanson Award winners are now recognized under the Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award and is a one-time achievement award

Nominees should:

  • Have made a positive impact on the residential housing industry (at either local, regional, or national level)
  • Have 20 years, or more, involvement in the industry
  • Have earned recognition by other industry, training, education, or employer groups
  • Have the respect of professional peers
  • Have general acknowledgement as having reached a pinnacle of their profession or industry career
  • Have demonstrated professional leadership and service to the industry
  • Have personal integrity
  • Be a past or current Housing First Minnesota member
  • Be nominated by a current Housing First Minnesota member



The Review Panel will confirm the eligibility of the nomination submissions and determine if the nominees meet the criteria of: History of Service, Significant contribution and positive influence on the industry, and Leadership. Following review, any qualified candidate will be considered a finalist.

Criterion 1: History of Service

  • The nominee will have a history of service to the industry
  • Particular attention is paid to: service on boards, committees, through advocacy engagement, sitting on task forces or work groups, or in workforce development
  • We’ll also consider ways in which the nominee has represented the industry officially as a liaison to other industry-related organizations or at local, regional or national meetings.

Criterion 2: Significant contribution and positive influence on the residential housing industry

  • The nominee will have made significant contribution(s) to the advancement of the profession of homebuilding
  • Has the nominee been engaged in vocational education and training?
  • Has the nominee received awards or recognition from professional or industry groups and institutions.
  • Has the nominee demonstrated innovative approaches to industry challenges?
  • How will the nominee’s story inspire others to higher standards in their work, or raise the public’s perception of our industry?

Criterion 3: Leadership

  • The nominee will have held positions of leadership on boards, committees, task forces, and workgroups, with particular attention paid to his/her engagement in Housing First Minnesota
  • In addition, leadership in advocacy efforts, training or mentoring, workforce development, green building or Parade of Homes marketing will be valued.
  • How has the nominee “made a difference” for our industry in some way?

Recipient Selection
Each elector will vote for no more than 3 confirmed finalists. If there are 4 or less eligible candidates, then each elector will have one vote. Write-in votes are not permitted.

Any finalist receiving votes on a majority of the ballots cast shall be a recipient of the Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Voting shall be based upon history of service, leadership, significant contribution and positive influence on the residential homebuilding industry.

Housing First Minnesota staff shall prepare electronic ballots to each elector in late August. The elector shall complete the electronic ballot no later than mid/late-September. The vote shall then be tabulated by Housing First Minnesota staff.

A recipient is not required every year and in a given year, more than one individual may receive the award.

Review Panel/Electors
The current Housing First Minnesota President, Builder Vice President, Treasurer, and Associate Vice President will comprise the review panel along with input from Housing First Minnesota staff to confirm the eligibility of the nominees and present them as finalists to ‘the electors.’ Electors will be the past 5 living recipients of the Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award.


There is no entry fee to nominate an individual for the Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award. Late materials will disqualify the nominee from the competition.


entry details

1. Nominate an individual on or before July 31, 2020

Nomination Information Due by July 31, 2020

  • Your Information:
    • Name*
    • Company*
    • Phone*
    • Email Address*
  • Nominee Information:
    • First and Last Name*
    • Next of kin
    • Company
    • Address
    • City/State/Zip Code
    • Phone*
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    • Years of Service to the Industry*
  • Nominee Overview
    • Provide a short overview of the person, their achievements, and the reason for the nomination
    • See "Scoring" tab for details


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