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Housing First Minnesota

The Housing First Minnesota mission:


Housing First Minnesota's mission is to engage in political communications that advance the message of the homebuilding and remodeling industry through issue advocacy and candidate endorsements.


Housing First Minnesota is comprised of four important elements:

  1. The Housing First Network, which focuses on elevating and advocating for our industry's key issues.
  2. The Housing First PAC, where we can make direct, face-to-face contributions to candidates.
  3. The Housing First Fund, which can initiate support for candidates (but cannot coordinate with them).
  4. The Home Builders Advocate Network, which advocates for the industry at all levels of government.

Housing First Network


The Housing First Network promotes a pro-housing message. Its goal is to elevate housing in the eyes of the general public and political influencers.


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Housing First PAC


The Housing First Political Action Committee (PAC) endorses candidates for elected office. The PAC uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements. These include: the candidate’s demonstrated support for housing issues, leadership on key housing issues, candidate electability, and a strong housing and business voting record for incumbent candidates.


Housing First FUnd


The Housing First Fund is an Independent Expenditure Fund registered with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.

The Housing First Fund supports candidates through independent expenditures supporting their candidacy. The Housing First Fund is not affiliated with any political party – it's focused solely on supporting pro-homebuilding industry individuals to elected office.




The Home Builders Advocate Network is a grassroots network utilized to advocate for the industry at all levels of government.


Housing First Minnesota

2960 Centre Pointe Drive
Roseville, MN 55113


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Our Mission

As the leading voice for builders and remodelers, we help our members build their businesses through marketing, advocacy and industry connections.

Our Vision

To be as vital in government and politics as we are to Minnesota’s economy.